Sunday, January 6, 2008


More scrapbooking. Excited aren't you?

Here's an album I bought at Archivers for likre $7. (the base, not the papers) It says Friend out of chipboard and I just thought it was cuter than baby kittens! I added basic grey paper. Erm, can't remember which set it is, I'm sure Stacy knows. I also added an "s" on the end so it could be "best friends". Inking, ribbon, buttons, a few rub ons and some office binder clips. Got an album made. :)

I'm counting it as 8 pages. That way, I'm up to 10 for the year! I'm 20% of goal and it's the freaking 5th of January!! wooop!

Need to print out another pic of Linda. I had to super crop that one, so I'll find another really nice one of her.

Left side, is supposed to be Sheree. Pics will be added when I find the box that pic is in. I knew where it was as of last sunday, but we moved rooms around again to work on tanner's room and poof.. gone.

Of course... the glass man.


jill said...

Your album turned out great! I have picked up this album about a dozen time at As and end up putting it back. You've inspired me to finally get one :)

Linda said...

This is beautiful! Love the BG papers. I'm thinking I need to look for one of these albums.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Really nice job. I completed the "family" version of that book. It was a lot of work but fun.

Heather Bares said...

LOVE the album!

Kimmie Sue said...

This is way too cute! I love what you did with it.

This is the first time I've visited your blog, and I love the name of it!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

That is adorable! I didn't realize you had that much room on the page - might have to try one of these!

Maureen said...

beautiful work on the album. They are so much fun

Darcey said...

What a great album! Congratulations on the 10 pages!

Emma Cease said...

OMG that is freaking amazing!!! I didnt even look at the photos at first I just looked at the book and I was like "OMG Michael you gotta see how cool this is!!" I love how its done and seven bucks!?!?! something like that here would lost over 30.. I wanna go where you go! Im not nessasarily a scrapbooker, but Im definately and artsy fartsy creative person.. and I could see myself eventually doing what your doing... Hmmm... Future idol for scrapbooking?... LANA!!!

Lana said...

Thanks for all the comments!!!

Emma - you only get the base for $7.00.. the papers are extra, but it really only took about 4 sheets or so.

Next idol of sbing?? LOL. Can't, already won it once. haha.. Hall of Fame 2001.

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