Friday, January 4, 2008

Something else....

Something like an addendum to my resolutions. It's not really a resolution but more like an attitude shift for me.

This past couple years, I've let myself hang up on stuff. Like, getting depressed having to lose the weight AGAIN, like being sad, irritated, overwhelmed with this new debt we've "aquired" or being paralyzed when I sit down to scrapbook/create something.

This past few months, I've tried to start talking to myself. I started saying "it's OK. OK?" And I realized that this can be my own personal mantra. When I feel overwhelmed, annoyed or paralyzed... it's ok.

If you see me say it, remember, I'm just trying to give myself some confidence, some self affirmation that IT'S OK! Life will go on and let's go on with it.

I promise to post some sarcasm sometime in the next couple days. I'm getting too deep for even me. LOL

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