Friday, January 4, 2008

Some new Scrapbook Pages!

I'm not playing, I said I was gonna post some layouts, and here they are! The 4 above are layouts I did for the boys for xmas. I started an album a few years ago, updating pics for the year, and a letter from me to them. They look forward to them. Last year, I had started working and just got behind, so I did 2 years this year to catch up!

This layout is from when we went to see the Lt. Dan Band! Gene surprised me one day saying he'd heard about a concert I'd probably want to see - turned out to be Gary Sinese's band - they raise money for a children's charity for children displaced in iraq. They came to KC so we ended up going and pushed our way right up to the front. Did I mention I LOVE Gary Sinese??? Major score. I was so close I could read the time on his watch! Been wanting to work on these pics for a while. not my best layout ever, but it's done!

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