Saturday, September 3, 2011

A conversation with a frog {and a frog haiku}

"oh, my! Hello there froggie. What brings you to my back door?"

"yes, excuse me mum." (all frogs have british accents btw) "I'm looking for me dinner thank you."

"oh, well, I've only see a bunch of moths around here. Thousands. You're welcome to any of them you'd like."

"Der de der, dum de dum. Don't go mindin' me, just passin' through."

"Mmamlahh mah dathhh hittthh dat sppptttte"
('Oh my that hits the spot' - his mouth was full).



gee, and here I thought the brits had more class than that!

I believe this event calls for a frog haiku.

So sticky, so green
A visit to my back door
SNAP! dem bugs be dead

Copyright Lana. Don't be usin' that man, or I'll sue you and stuffs. That's primo material I'm saving for my memoirs.


Joanne said...

I absolutely love our backyard frogs and we have a good population of them this year. I recently posted a pic of one who has made his home in a dirty rain filled bucket under my deck.

LisaDay said...

That is definately one for the memoirs.


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