Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trash to Treasure - easy peasy painted tchotchkes

This will be the easiest trash to treasure project... like... EVAH. If you can't do it, it's only because you're under 18 and can't buy spray paint yet.

First you find yourself a really cute tchotchke. It doesn't have to be a pretty color, or even in super great condition. Don't look at the color, look at the shape and texture.

I picked an owl, because I seem to have an owl fetish. No, this does not mean I want family to buy me owls for Christmas. I don't need 97 owls. thankyouverymuch.

The only other thing you will need, is a can of spray paint in your favorite color. I choose krylon ocean breeze blue as I'm on my "turquoise is the new pink" phase of my life. I've gone through 3 cans of this stuff this summer.

You could use a cheaper paint if you wanted, but this isn't too high priced - I believed I paid around $3.50 a can.

1. Make sure your item is clean. You may just have to dust it, but if it's been in a kitchen getting greasy, you my have to give it a good scrubbing. Don't worry if you scrub off the finish, that might even be a good thing.

2. If it's shiny, you might have to use some sandpaper to rough up the finish a bit. Mine was fine the way it was. It's just ceramic.

3. Spray! Remember, several thin coats are better than one thick one.

4. Be careful with letting your item dry TOO long between coats. This paint tends to bubble if you let it cure overnight. I ended up having to give it about 4 coats from different angles. (This pic is after coat #1)


5. Done! It has a whole new life now as a lil' friend on my desk!

Why would you want to do this? Well, solid painted figures are kind of on trend now. (look at me, using trendy catch phrases). It's a great way to spruce up an old collection. To recycle something that was going to go to the garbage can. To show a little love to something that grandma had displayed for 20 years, but is otherwise kind of ugly.

Plus, when you take an item and make it one solid color, your eyes are now forced to admire the shape and texture of the item, instead of the quality of the previous paint job. It's a fun design tip!

If you can't spraypaint for some reason, you can do this with a regular old paint brush too, so it is a fun project for even the kids. Try pulling a group of different shapes, textures and sizes together (completely random) and then paint them all the same color. You now have an instant show piece or collection for your mantle, centerpiece or desk!

Show me your paint makeovers!

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Tillie said...

LOVE the repainted owl. I, like, must have one, now.

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