Tuesday, September 20, 2011

People are good.


It seems sometimes that we live in a world of constant reminders that people are not so wonderful to be around. Flipped off at a stop sign, terrorists, politicians (sometimes they are almost one in the same), entitled snots, thieves and liars.

How sad of an opener is that? :/

But despite what some people show themselves to be, I truly believe that most people are inherently good people. I give you these case in points.

Case in point #1: The above photo was taken by a man named Frank Glick. He captured this beautiful bald eagle sitting on a tombstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetary earlier this year. Quickly, the photo became viral after he shared it with the widow of the man who was buried there. I read a story about this photo and Frank talked about how he was overwhelmed with all the email he's received. I decided to email Frank and tell him that I thought his photo was beautiful, and offered up any assistance if he needed it (free of charge). I gave him some suggestions on how to reduce his "work" load. Within minutes Frank had emailed me back thanking me for the kind words and asking me for my address as he wanted to send me a print free of charge.

About a week later, an envelope came in the mail and I had my own personalized print of the eagle.

Frank is good people. We need more people like Frank.


Case in point #2: I've been reading Kal Barteski's blog forever. I've been there since before her oldest child was born (and she just went off to her first day of pre-school the other day!). I started out reading for her art tips, but ended up staying for the little bright spot that Kal puts out there almost every single day. Plus cute girls and adorable dogs don't really hurt either.

Kal is almost always super optimistic in her blog (we all have a day once in a while no?), sending out positive vibes to us every day. Kal is my first stop of the day, kind of my coffee. I gave up caffeine but kept Kal.

The other thing is, that Kal is an incredible artist. I wish I could sit and watch her paint, her paintings look like they were just created on a breeze. I have a couple small prints, a magnet or two, her book she wrote a few years ago. Well, the other day she posted a contest, asking us what we were celebrating over labor day weekend. Either by random, or by choice, I was one of the winners of some cute little signed Kal prints shown above.

Sometimes when you win stuff on the internet, you don't actually GET the item you won. *sadface*. It just never shows up, but I knew that wouldn't be the case here, and in about a week, another wonderful envelope appeared in my mailbox with TWO awesome prints.

Thank you Kal. You rock the awesome sauce.

Case in point #3: A couple weeks ago, I was going out on a senior shoot with a cutie from Iowa, and her mamma too. Her mom's name is Marie, and we actually have had several really fun conversations as we graduated at the same time, from the same area, and it just so happens that Marie works with the sister of a guy I had a ginormous crush on for like, several years. (long story) lol.

So anyway, I'm on my wait to take them out into the wild countryside for awesome photos. They are following me, and I'm stopped, making a left at a weird corner. I pull up so I can see around a curve in the road, and I think Marie must have thought I was going.


Marie nailed me. Shook me up pretty hard, made my neck hurt like a son of a gun right off the bat. My jeep came out GREAT. Marie's truck? Not so much. Jeep was happy to hear about that crash test rating. lol (sorry Marie!)

Anyway, she felt really horrible - but it was ok, that's why we call them *accidents*. We went on and shot for the night, Marie was embarrassed as heck, but we made the best of it.

The next day, I get a call from the florist saying they wanted to deliver some flowers. I knew instantly who sent them. ha! This sweet fall arrangement sits on my island. I had Gene going for a few minutes. I told him thank you for sending me flowers that was so sweet of him. ;) Had him thinking some random boy had a secret crush on me.

Sadly I'm not 17 anymore.
Not that that happened to me when I was 17. ;)

Case in point #4: The same day the flowers show up, Gene says "close your eyes, I have a present for you". You see, it was nearly time for my 2 months present.

what's that?

Well, we've determined with my birthday, valentine's day, Christmas, Mother's day, etc etc - that I'm due a gift about every 2 months.

I like this schedule, but I'm trying to push it up to every 6 weeks.

Anyway, out of the blue he gives me this cute little feathered rooster, just because he thinks I'd like it, I do, because it makes me think of my Roo. Roo is supposed to be named Roofus, but I call him Mr. Mooster because that's what my niece used to call her mooster, I mean rooster.

So you see, in a world with quite a few big brown turds that seem to make the news, or show up up on my favorite forums, or in my address book, I feel confident in saying that most people, are good people.

I have proof.


I, however, have been a bad blogger. Lately I've had other things on my mind and not been in the notion to blog. I have lots of good blog posts in my noggin, but when it comes time to put it "to paper" I feel very "mehhhh". Forgive me ;)

I will try to step it up a bit so I can relieve my own guilt.


Jessie K said...

I love it! Thanks for the reminder that there really are Good People out there! :)

Nakia said...

LoL, Lana, Please step it up. I miss your posts..


LisaDay said...

Maybe you can make it monthly gift getting.


Joanne said...

Very nice feel good post. Oh I also hate those weeks when I just can't seem to get anything written. I try very hard not to let it happen, but we all have these moments.

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