Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frankie says relax!

{sunset over SW Iowa, 11-6-11}

I made it to the other side.
I'm so happy.

No, I didn't die or anything. I just made it through hell month, I mean, October. A million shoots (ok, a lot), several weddings (one in Oklahoma, next day one here in NW MO), and lots of editing. I still have editing to do, but the shoots will die down, my back will heal. My feet will rest. My butt will probably get wider (even though I'm working it off!)

There is peace in my head, and housekeeping to be done.

relaxxxxxxxx... ahhh.

I promise to post more now that I have my life back!

1 comment:

LisaDay said...

I say hire the housekeeper. Congrats for making it through October.


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