Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You'll regret asking me what I've been up to.


I decided to step just a little out of my comfort zone, and push more towards a goal I have... to sell my art/nature photos for people to decorate their homes. I printed up 2 photos. My favorite, and Gene's favorite (because he kept pestering me!) as 16x20's and then added them to my booth.

It felt like a small victory.

And if they sell, I won't make hardly anything, but it'll make me all super happy anyway ;)

I need a little more exiting set up.

In other news:
1. I have a crapload of work to do this week.

2. I have a student coming here to my house to job shadow Wednesday and I feel like a bomb went off. I'm going to scrape the worst of it into a corner. I'm seriously considering hiring a housekeeper.

3. I felt my first earthquake on Sunday. I was sitting in my office chair and it started wobbling. I thought the cat was rubbing it and looked down, no one was there. Then it kept wobbling. Come to find out, that earthquake in OK, made it all the way to MO.

4. I felt my second earthquake on Monday. See above. I told Gene "There's another earthquake! I can feel movement." he said, "There's nothing moving." (kind of indigent.) Ha. Should have bet him a fifty.

5. Said earthquakes were in Oklahoma.

6. Btw, I'm going to Oklahoma later this week. yessir.

7. Meetings with brides left and right lately. Everything is a time crunch it feels like. Things are good on the business front, but I feel like I'm getting less and less stuff in the rest of my life done. (hence: housekeeper)

8. Finally got everything sorted with the insurance company from the August 21 storm. I had to have a minor tantrum to finally make it happen. Other people had completely new roofs and siding and I didn't even have a stupid check yet. Not cool.

9. Which means some huge changes on the homefront here next summer. I don't know how we'll have time for it all. I'm hiring contractors - apply within. (but only if you actually show up and don't do crap work - do those exist?)

10. Two payments left on my last credit card and I'll be credit card debt free. First time since 1988! *get out* *Elaine shove* Next in line: The house.

11. My trusty old Neon is in the shop for the entire week. It has a minor transmission problems. *I do not want a new car. I do not want a new car.*

12. Shoot in Nebraska city on Saturday, in Creston, Iowa on Sunday. I feel all worldly except for the part where it's just Iowa and Nebraska.

13. Speaking of worldly, I wasted 1/2 hour today looking at vacation packages to Dominican Republic. All I could think of was someplace warm. I'm already wussing out on winter.

14. Gene and I were talking the other day about how neither of us had ever had caviar. We spent some time online looking at caviar for sale. The very next day, we were offered caviar at an event we went to (weird) and now we totally get it. That could be an expensive habit.

15. I could keep going but I see your eyes are getting droopy.

16. So are mine! Almost 1 a.m.! Nite ya'll!


the Goodwife said...

Hey there! Congrats on all the business comin your way! Hire that housekeeper girl, I'm sure you deserve it and somebody could use the money. ;0)

LisaDay said...

Apparently it's been a while since I read your blog. Sorry to hear you had damage to your home. I hope the chickens are OK. Congrats on your art for sale. You might want to check out SmugMug. My brother uses the site and I have ordered items and they are beautiful.


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