Friday, November 4, 2011

Like a ninja. A short, fat, middle aged ninja.


I'm here.
I'm like a ninja, always in the shadows then POW.. there I am.

Or maybe I'm just really crazed at the moment.
"at the moment" *snark*

It has been nuts here and I'm so happy October is over! Yay. I know, that's so sad, but it's always the busiest month of the year with weddings and people wanting their Christmas photos. Now we'll be super busy processing photos to get Christmas rush orders out. I feel a little bad being neglectful over here, but really I wouldn't have much to contribute other than "Oh, I processed some photos today" or "Oh, I took some photos today." or "Oh, I put the cat on the floor 47 times from blocking my view today."

The only exciting thing about winter coming is the fact that I'll have lots of time to get some other things done that I haven't had time for for a while. Like some trash to treasure projects, working on my blog, cleaning my house.

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