Thursday, December 8, 2011

You gave her a WHAT?

As I walked up the ramp leaving the building, my foot made a "ching.... ching... ching." noise, kind of like a mini pair if spurs.

But only on the right foot.

We shook hands, said our thank yous and when I got to the car I lifted my foot to find this:

My shoes were packed with multiple bullet casings.

Yep, when everyone else is at church (ok, none of the heathens we know, but lots of good god fearing folk), we were off at the gun range.

Why?  Well, other than good clean fun, we were there to take the test for our conceal/carry class.  Yep, in true redneck fashion, we want to carry guns (and legally too!) all the time.  It's something we've wanted to do for a while, and have recently felt like it was an important thing that we get accomplished.


It was actually quite fun, but as I hadn't shot for a while, I was kind of nervous.  I also admit to cheating off of Gene's written test on a couple answers, which was a MISTAKE because we both missed the question. LOL. 

Surprisingly, I know more about parts of a gun than I thought I did.

You have to qualify, which means you have to shoot 50 rounds at 21 at a paper homicidal maniac.  Then, you get to shoot him another 50 times (ish) with a revolver and a semi-automatic.  And I say him, because hellooooo..... do you see earrings on my paper guy?

Once you shoot a big fat hole in the middle of your guy, you have passed your test and now can apply for a license barring any problems with your mental state or criminal history.
*cross your fingers for me*


Gene, being a show off  and a former cop, of course shows me up.  Douche.  All of his holes are in the important part of the paper maniac. 

Mine on the other hand.....

Well, I maintain that one up there by #7, while out of the "important zone of 9" is still a good shot because I feel confident I hit the juglar.

It'll be a slow death.


Oh, and now I want a semi-automatic pistol for christmas.

BTW, thanks for the kind words Tuesday.  I feel better and feel less like killing people, which is probably a good thing considering I don't have that CC license yet. ha.


LisaDay said...

A maniac deserves a slow death.


Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

Ohh from one Redneck to another, congrats on the CC! I want to take another class before I go for mine, but hubby already has his.

In fact...I think he's at the range now.

Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

From one redneck gal to another - Congrats on the CC test!

I want to take mine, but first I want to take another class or two.

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