Friday, December 16, 2011

Trash to Treasure - Bling Guitar!

It's been a while since I've had time for a trash to treasure!!  I have one coming up in the next couple months that might get me banned from the family.  (There's a teaser if I ever heard one).  Maybe this will save me...

Every year for Christmas, my sister Amber goes out of her way to always make me a nice gift. My nice homemade gift making skills were super lacking this year so I was wracking my brain trying to come up with something cool.

I had bought Amber a guitar at a garage sale over the summer. It was a beat up acoustic guitar that would only be good for display (her shop has a rock and roll theme). Being the horrible sister I am, I kept forgetting to give Amber the guitar and I had it for months and months.

Worked out great for me in the end, because I got to thinking, maybe I could paint something cool on the guitar or bling it out somehow.


That was it! Immediately I went out on Amazon and bought a POUND of rhinestones. Do you know how many rhinestones are in a pound of rhinestones?

All of them.

I dragged the package into the house, ran to the store and got a bottle of
Aleene's tacky glue (hands down the best craft glue ever made) and started gluing.

It's that easy.  I just drew on my design (which were some flames), filled in an area with glue and then stuck on the appropriate colored rhinestones. 

{I forgot to take a before pic, so here's an almost before pic}

{Picture by Amber because I'm a moron and also forgot to take an after pic}
{don't be judging}
{Also don't be hatin'}

It's not nearly as hard or as time consuming as you might think. I did big portions of it when I got a phone call or needed a quick break.  Sometimes working on a couple square inches at a time.  I would guesstimate it took me approximately 3 hours to cover the whole front and the end.
After it was all done, I realized there were some gaps so I went back and filled in some of the smaller gaps with some tiny white rhinestones.  After everything was dry, I brushed on glue on the stem (is the the right name???) and covered it with Martha Stewart Agate Green Glitter because that's what I had on hand. It really is a simple project and it turned out really cool and sPaRkLy!

FYI: I doubt you'd be able to play the guitar any more, I'm sure this totally ruins it, so don't try it on your good stuff.

Difficulty - Beginner

$2.00 - guitar
$15.00 - rhinestones
$6.00 - little white rhinestones (not required)
$1.00 - glitter (costs more for the whole bottle but that stuff goes a LONG WAY!
$2.97 - Aleene's glue

$26.97 for the whole project and I reserved my place as best sister EVAH!

My sister has the BEST SISTER!


liannallama said...

This really is super! What a great gift!

Staci said...

Wow! That is fantastic! Your sis is sure to love it!

Amy Jo said...

Good thinking Lana! The word you were looking for was neck, neck of the guitar. ;)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Really neat! I bet she loves it! And also I'm thinking I should find out from my daughter whatever happened to the guitar she painted last year (or the year before). I think her art teacher still has it...

Amber Reed said...

I did LOVE it!! Thanks so much sis...sorry I didn't come up with a super awesome homemade gift this year for you...just not that into x-mas this year & got busy & ran out of time I guess!! But I ABSOULTLY LOVED the guitar & lots of my clients have also commented on how much they LOVE IT!! Thanks again u!!

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