Friday, December 30, 2011

My "little girl", had a little girl

I have 2 little sisters, and I'm sure for the full purpose of making me feel old, my sister Torrie had her second child yesterday. My other little sister, my mom and I all went to KC to see the little nugget come into the world. Sadly babies are on their own schedule (what is up with that?) so Amber and I had left to head home, only to get a call that the baby was coming... like.. now! So we went back.

I'm proud to say that I took Talyah* Colette's first photo ever.
(I think)

{8lb 5oz - Colette is Amber's middle name, so if you don't like Talyah's name ... suck it.}

*Not sure if this is how they are going to spell Talyah (pronounced Tal (rhymes with Pal)-Yuh), they hadn't decided yet when we left.  

Pretty sure Amber is now at bat. She's gonna need to break the 17 year no boy streak.


MaryMary86 said...

Ah congratulations! The baby is beautiful!

Anne said...

Oh, what a beautiful baby! So glad you were able to be there - and those photos are amazing! Your sister looks gorgeous for just having a baby - very impressive!

Lisa said...

Such sweet pics and what a precious baby. Your photography is amazing!

Pink mochas from 2p's

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos. Your new niece is such a cutie.


LisaDay said...

Beautiful photos particularly of big sister crying. Congrats to the family.


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