Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Embrace the dandelion


I've never been one that felt the need to fight the common dandelion.   Sure, yards without them are pretty, very lush and green, but I don't have a deep seated desire for my yard to be a perfected golf course green.

I figure it's all in your attitude.  If you think in your mind that dandelions are a blight, then they will be.  Instead, I choose to think of dandelions as bright and cheerful. A tiny bright spot in a bumble bee's day.

This saves me a fortune on weed killers.  After all, I have chickens that roam my yard fertilizing the dandelions all day long.  Don't want any poisonous eggs.

04-10-dandy2 04-10-dandy3 04-10-dandy4

This is my lowly house.  Nothing exciting at all to show, so I just haven't.  I don't think I have anyway.  All the excitement of remodelling and updating has been on the inside.  We lived by the philosophy that we wanted to enjoy all the hard work ourselves, instead of worrying about everyone that drives by enjoying it.

However, this spring/summer there will be several big changes going on here.  The entire front of the house will look completely different. Different roofline, outdoor living space, landscaping, etc.

Except for the dandelions, those of course, will always be there.


Angela said...

I have to agree with the dandelions. They are always bright and cheerful. And FREE. lol.

Joanne said...

Dandelions are pretty. Nature will color your yard with all kinds of pretty little ground covers and flowers if you let it and we do.

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