Wednesday, April 25, 2012

burn baby burn

Gene and I seem to be the King and Queen of doing projects backwards.

You know, finding the cool thing for the finished project, before even measuring to see if it will actually work.  So far I've made everything eventually work, and only lost thousands of hours of re-design time. LOL.

However, I've found that by doing it this way, I've saved myself thousands of dollars.  First, we get an idea of what we'd like to do.  Then we just put it "out into the universe" (some people might call them prayers and positive thoughts) and voila!  The perfect thing just falls into our lap.  Sometimes it takes a few days.  Sometimes it takes a couple years. 

I'm terribly patient when it comes to saving money.

It's also a good way to put off a project.


This is how the mantel came into play.

Not long after we moved into this house (it's been almost 5 years now!!!) we decided that we would extend the roofline on the front of the house and build a ranch style deck. 

Lofty dreams.

Until a storm came along last August that nearly blew us off the face of the planet and nearly destroyed are almost brand new roof.

If we're going to have to replace the roof, we really need to extend it at the same time.
If we're going to extend the roof, we really need to build the deck obviously.
If we're going to build the deck, then we should move the front door like we planned so that the steps and the door match up.
If we move the front door like we planned then the living room arrangement completely has to change.
If the living room placement has to change, then we'll finally have room for that fireplace mantel we've been wanting.

Oh look!  A vintage fireplace mantel made of solid oak.  Beautiful, full of character, the perfect size.... and about 75% cheaper than everything else we've looked at.

Let's buy it!
Wait, we don't have the gas run to that area so that we can get it hooked up!  We really don't have the living room rearranged.  Err... we really don't have enough time right now.
Meh.  Let's buy it anyway.

And that my friends, is how I have a mantel with no fireplace with my Cindy Crawford chair in front of it.


Just *one more* project to do.  You know, because I have hardly any to do now right?
I'm thinking the easiest thing to do is to paint a fake fire on the wall. 

Am I right?



Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

Well I kinda like the whole mantle as decor only look. So just go with that for awhile :-p

Tracy said...

That is a gorgeous mantel.
As for the faux fire mural....I think not, teehee.
My daughter wants a mantel when she purchases her new home. Not a fireplace, just the mantel.
Oh ya, and she wants me to build it ;)

Amy Jo said...

I think you should put your tv in the mantel because that's swanky. ;)

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