Monday, April 16, 2012

My life by Bullet Points

  • As stated in my last post, I've been sick.  A basic cold that will NOT GO AWAY.  srsly annoying. It involves coughing fits at 3 a.m.   I don't feel bad about it though because Gene gave it to me by coughing directly into my face at 3 a.m. a couple weeks ago.  I hope I'm a carrier.
  • My sock obsession has gotten worse.  I think it's my wubby now.  I carry it to the bathroom in the middle of the night so I don't lose it.  If it falls off in the middle of the night, I will search for it until I find it.  Sometimes I stick it under my pillow or hold it in my hand while I sleep. I'm going on a trip tomorrow and I think my wubby sock is going with me so I can sleep.
  • Like I said, I'm going on a trip tomorrow to Des Moines.  I'll be taking a workshop from the ever so wonderful, Fer Juaristi. He's flying in from Mexico just to teach us lil' ol' mid-westerners.  I'll be rooming with a Wisconsonite, Jamie Swanson who is also the author of The Modern Tog.  I'll be swimming in the pool of awesomeness, rubbing elbows, I swear man.  Hope they don't figure out I'm a poser.
  • Yesterday was the anniversary of the day Gene and I met.  I can remember this only because it's tax day.  I was going to take him to Chicago for a surprise trip - but life is sending us on other paths this year.  We celebrated by going to Orscheln's and buying chicken wire.  I love that guy.
  • Tanner is in Florida.  Actually, he's probably on the bus on the way back from Florida right now. His marching band raised money for a couple years so they could go down there and march in a parade through Disney.  Yes I'm jealous, did you notice?  Kid... you better be bringing me back some photos or you're grounded.
  • I've declared next weekend "Ground Breaking Day" for the deck/addition on the front of the house.  We'll be mapping out where the deck will be, where the posts will go, how to attach the ledger board.  This is my second deck ever, color me nervous.
  • Next weekend we will also gain a new member of the house.... a nearly "brand new" 1983 Ford LTD.  It was Gene's grandma's and has been stored at his parent's house for 10 years.  They are ready to get it out of their garage.  Gene will be using it as a back up work car since el Diablo has 260,000 miles on it.
  • I have to clean today, and pack, and go to the post office, and the bank, and the nail salon, and take a shower and cough - a lot.  Someone hold me.
Now aren't you happy you asked me how I was doing?

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Angela said...

Oooh have a BLAST in Des Moines! Say hi to Jamie for me (no, I don't know her, but she's from WISCONSIN). That is too funny about your wubby. Feel better soon :)

Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

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