Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wanna see my clown car?

Meet El Diablo:


El Diablo a/k/a Leon the Neon. He's the Chuck Norris of compact cars. I love this car. I've have hauled so much stuff in this car it's comical - like a clown car. There's been fully sized doors, *with the frame* that just barely squeezed in there. Hundreds of pounds of lumber, a 13' roll of carpet (no kidding), and yesterday... two 10 foot maple trees.

Yesterday on my way to run my errands, I remembered I needed a second small red maple to go on the other side of my driveway. I want a pair of the maples on each side with a fence that will line the end of my driveway. Well, Gene specifically said "You need to get a second tree if you want them to grow at the same rate." So remembering what he said, I made a detour first to Sutherlands to find the little tree I had seen about a month ago. I decided I'd kill 2 birds with one stone, and pick up a hosta (because my other 4 have done nothing. *sad face*) and a salvia.

The first thing I notice is the sign "Trees and shrubs 25% off". Score.

The second thing I notice is a TON of huge trees.

Third thing I notice is that the red maples are less than the one I bought online!! I also noticed that they are 10 feet tall, and probably have 3 years of growth already on them. I'm feeling this.

I wrangle a cart (it's hard to go through a store with 10' trees. 2 of them), and get distracted by the bedding plants at 50% off. I ended up with some big red leafy things and some grassy things. *those are plants for you that are less technically inclined like myself* ;)

Oh.. wait. There's shrubs. I need shrubs.

I then pay and pack it all into my car *including the big bag o mulch*. I know we always look amusing packing the car, I've had ppl stop and watch as we load it. I then popped over to Walmart and picked up not one but 2 more hostas. I kinda have a hosta thing. I love them.



{Please ignore the mcdonalds bag. LOL}

I then crossed my fingers that Gene wouldn't strangle me. See, we're not big fans of planting trees together. lol. But alas all went well and he didn't kill me, in fact, he was impressed by the fact I only paid $18 each! woot!

Now I have to plant them. ugh.

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