Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photographer smackdown - Day 2!

Courtney picked the theme today of "'Round the house". This was a puzzler for me. Because to be fair, there are a lot of round things around here.

I really wanted to be clever and have a photo of a round house kick, but Ahem. I can't do one of those, it'd be more like a round hospital kick, and a back brace, and a trip to the emergency room. Now hubs, he can do a roundhouse but after a full day of wrangling windshields, I kinda have a hard time asking him to do 900 kicks in the back yard.

So, I went with plan B:
Photo smackdown day 2
Around my house.

You'll find these about everywhere, on the coffee table, end table, my desk, the scrapbook room, kitchen counter, heck, you probably will find them in the bathroom. And they're never empty, they're always 1/3 full because I can't drink them fast enough to keep them cold. Once they warm up, they're icky. Every couple days I have a little diet coke scavenger hunt and round them all up for recycling day.

I have issues.

Theme for tomorrow?

"This is what Life looks like"

Courtney? Know anyone giving birth? Because that's a guaranteed win!

1 comment:

Ceece said...

nice job! and dang, the next one's going to be a butt kicker! better get to work on it.

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