Saturday, June 13, 2009

Had me some eye-tal-yun

Last night, I totally did not feel like cooking. Now, this is not a strange occurance here, we have a rule that we can eat out once a week, and it's usually on the weekend. Last Friday night I talked Gene into going to La Bonita, this Friday, I talked him into Napoli's which is an Italian place. Or if you're a bit of a redneck, pronounce that eye-tal-yun. I have a friend that was raised in Italy, and that's a pet peeve, so I make a point of saying eye-tal-yun as much as possible around him.

First thing we get, is a big basket of bread. Yummy. I'd love it if it was more buttery, and had tons of garlic on it.

mmm bread

Or maybe not. Less is more, less is more.


Tanner played his psp while we waited.

I obviously took my camera to entertain myself.


Gene had the linquini seafood sampler with the biggest shrimp EVER.

I had the stromboli


I want this:


We also ordered Calamari, one of our favorites, but Um... we snarfed it and I forgot. LOL. Gene introduced me to calamari and it's so yummy. Ignore the wiggly looking legs... it's good stuff ppl. Tanner? Not so much. Not even a bribe could make him eat it. Pansy.


Jingles? he decided on take out.

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