Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. - See you on the other side folks

RIP Farrah Faucett

She was a beautiful woman - and not just on the outside.

RIP Ed McMahon

Most famous sidekick of all time. His job was to laugh, or make sure you laugh, all at the right moments.

RIP Michael Jackson

I have the most to say about MJ. To say I was a fanatic was putting it midly. I was In Luuuuve with MJ. I know, he was odd even then, but his music was incredible, and he was cute, and I was 13.

He will forever be known as the Prince of Pop, and like it or not, he changed the way we sang, danced and the performance you got to see.

In 1983, Thriller was the the best selling album. Well, and every album since then. It sold 27 million copies and was #1 for 37 weeks straight. To put it in perspective for you, all top 10 albums of 2006 did not make as much as Thriller... COMBINED.

Wanna know some irony?

I never did own that album. I had one I copied from someone else.

The summer between my 8th and 9th grade years, I went to the Victory Tour in KC. It opened on a Friday if I remember correctly, and I went on Saturday. It was a lottery, and it was a crapshoot if you got tickets. You had to buy 4 at $30 each, and that was A LOT of money, but it was my birthday gift from my parents.

One of the most incredible concerts that I've ever been to.

I got really dehydrated!

This is the way that I choose to remember Michael. The guy that invented the moonwalk and pushed the envelope of creativity with his music.

I know that he had a really screwed up personal life and I will just say that I hope that there are many people out there, will find a little peace with his passing.

You wanna know something weird?

I found out about Farrah in the car, and MJ in line to see this guy:

This is John Edward. He's a VERY GOOD psychic medium, communicating with those that have already passed. So that was *very odd* day.

All of us kids bought my mom a ticket to see him in KC (it's like 6 times as much as MJ in 1983), and I went with her. We got there early, and got a front row seat. He read the ppl right next to us, I thought he might pick up on us, but alas he did not. In fact, at one point I thought he was getting ready too and mom had to nudge me. My heart about jumped out of my chest. heh. No, it was not taped, he now has some online thing called infinity quest.

Mom and I had fun, regardless of no reading, and decided that we want to go back next year. I'm hoping some of the rest of the family will go with us!

Had to get up early to take the cats to the vet for a bath and medication. (the mice got to go too), and then we bombed the house for buggies. sweet. Mack was *not happy* Everyone is taking a nap now.

Tanner and I killed time around town for a while, then came home and swam in the pool. It warmed up FAST. It's wonderful, I absolutely love it twice as much as the pool last year. I see myself out there a lot.

Ordered my own birthday present. LOL. Bought a Flip ultra U1120 video camera i've been wanting. I really wanted the waterproof case, but they don't make it for the u1120, so we're going to rig one for ourselves. Ghetto style. LOL.

Electronics + water = disaster. Game on.
Sarah and Jack's wedding! Outside. Cross your fingers for fair weather.

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