Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Gift from hubs

Gene bought me roses the other day, aren't they beautiful? Why? Because he wanted to, no other reason, and those are the best kind of all.

Thorny roses

I've never seen roses like this come from a flower shop before, usually they are "proper" looking roses, but these look like they were found at some abandoned house owned by a Grannie 20 years ago... in a good way.

Other recent random things to note:
  • Gene won a gold coin by making a pithy comment on the Laura Ingram show. He's very excited about it. 4-6 weeks to get here! what the heck!?
  • I had a wedding on Saturday that was so awesome. More on that later. On Sunday I had the worst headache I think I've ever had EVER. Borderline migraine. I hope we're not starting that up.
  • Which brings up the next point, went to the Chiro yesterday, he said that out of 7 vertebrate in my neck, "only" 4 were out. sweet.
  • Gene has been working on jewelry. He's getting better at setting stones and made himself a ring with 18 diamonds in it and has been wearing it. He's quite proud of it.
  • Memorial day totally threw off my laundry schedule. I had to do laundry in the middle of the week twice now. It's bugging me.
  • We have friends coming up on Saturday to spend the weekend with us... fun! We'll get some use out of that guestroom finally (other than squirmy little girls)
  • I was so mad at Hobby Lobby yesterday, I am surprised I didn't stroke out. Gene had another Dr appointment in KC, I went early to st. joe before picking him up so I could pick up a couple things.

    Target, didn't have what I needed... well they did, but it had doubled in price so I said heck no. Went to HL, picked out about 10 things, not one single thing I HAD to have. First off, just as I was walking into the only open lane, some lady with an armload of stuff cut in front of me. *deep breath, let it go, she only had 3 things*. Yeah... 3 things to exchange - for the three things in the cart - with no price tags on them. (heart pumping)

    I waited and waited, finally she looks up and realizes there are 8 ppl in line now, not one (it's been about 5 min). I have only allotted 10-15 minutes to get through checkout because I HAVE to leave there at 3:15. It's 3:10ish. I pull out of the lane, try to head to his lane and pick the wrong side. As I turn, someone ELSE cut in front of me. *eyes crossing* Her response was "well I was in line a long time."

    I said, "I've been in line for 10 minutes, and someone else already cut in front of me once." God looked over her, because she had a return and had to go back to where she was to start with.

    Then the clerk rang up my stuff, and I'm sure he was flustered because it was obvious I was very peeved it was taking so long to pay - seriously the first lady still hasn't moved. Now there are 12 ppl in line.

    He tells me my total ... $98.25. Ha. no. "Where do you get $98, it should be around $30.00", three minutes later. "Your total is $47.28" No it's not.

    I picked up my bag (which I filled myself because it was a reusable bag and he kept putting my stuff in a plastic bag), dumped it out, said "I don't have time, I HAVE to go." And walked out like a crazed woman. I'm sure they thought I was crazy, and at that point I was. Any judge would have let me go for strangling someone.

    I was officially late picking up Gene, and we were 5 min late for the appointment. Imagine if I'd have stayed another 10 min to sort out that mess. My blood is boiling again thinking about it. LOL

    And guess what, Gene was in a bad mood too. It was a *fun ride* (sarcasm)
  • Let's end on something more positive:


    I love this hair color. I think I will probably end up this color for a while for a break. Gene's not feeling it. He'll get over it.

    Does she look familiar? Remember Topanga on "Boy Meets World"? She's the host of the Dish now, and while googling to see if it was her, I found this pic. Can't say the hair color will make me that gorgeous but damn it's worth a shot don't ya think?


    Kelly's Ideas said...

    I have had many days like that... especially this week.. Target was having a sale of their diet coke 2 liter bottles for $1 usually $1.89 so I got all the bottles... a think about 20.. we drink a lot of DC.. anyhoo - I asked the cashier to make sure the DC rang up $1 oh yes it is is says.. I take my load to the car and thought to look at the receipt and every DC was $1.89.. smoke was coming out my ears.. so I go to customer service cuz the cashier is off... Fifteen minutes to get to a service person and 30 minutes for someone to figure out how to give me my money back... they still couldn't figure it out so a manager just gave me cash..... I was very late picking up my husband from the airport and he was not a happy customer - I feel your pain!!!


    Lana said...

    oh I feel your pain sister! That's why I always try to watch while they are ringing up the purchase. but this day, I was so mad I was not playing well! lol.

    kjaxpink said...

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I have just started a blog using blogger, and am using some of my pictures, but I would love to get them to display in the big beautiful size yours are in. I have the largest size selected in the template for the images but they aren't even half as large as your gorgeous ones -- any advice for a new blogger? (I just love the shots of the roses!!)

    Lana said...

    I use flickr to host my photos, but that's a good idea for a post. Check in a day or so and I'll post the steps on how to have bigger photos!

    Kate Morgan Jackson said...

    Thanks you so much -- I will definitely check back!

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