Monday, June 8, 2009

Did you get crazy this weekend?

Full moon

When I worked answering the phone (for around 3 years), I learned something important. Put on your listening ears, because this is a doozy. When people started calling me up and asking me crazy stuff, or seemed completely off their rockers my first response would be "what the heck is up with people today??"

My second response was to look at the calendar.

It always seemed like when people acted their worst, the moon would be at its fullest (or near fullest). At first I laughed it off, and then after it happened again and again, I started to think maybe there was something to it.

Of course, that makes one wonder, did I act crazy last weekend?

Well, the answer is yes. :p

We invited up some crazy friends for the weekend. OK, so there was no dancing on the table, or sacrificing chickens or anything (srsly, I'm not that exciting), but there was some drunken scrapbooking, lost $8 cigars (I'm still mad about that one), lots of empty wine bottles and sunburns... and that's just the girls. ;)


Meet Debbie and Duane.

It's kind of weird how people come together. Gene has known Duane for *counting toes* around 30-ish years now.... it's a long story, let's just leave it at that.. and Debbie is his crazy lovely bride.

Through all the dust ups, moves and drama, Gene has remained in contact with these two, and it was easy for me to jump in and start emailing back and forth too. So a couple months ago, I whipped out that they should come visit, and I'll be darned if they didn't take me up on it!!

After 14 minutes of house cleaning, they pulled in the driveway and it was just like picking up where everyone left off. Soon we were all outside, sitting in lawn chairs for hours on end, chatting about nothing in particular and getting sunburned, but only on the fronts of our legs because we had ever so gently coaxed every single male to be our lackeys for the evening, requiring no need to be vertical.

Later we attempted some scrapbooking, but that probably should have been started hours earlier, and neither of us accomplished much of anything other than yawning, and sorting photos. Us big party animals were all in bed by 11 p.m.

Sunday, Gene taught Danny the fine art of losing precious gems in the carpet setting stones in jewelry, and we also had a 5 minute photo shoot in the living room.

Below is my favorite:


I'm sure that Debbie won't like it, for whatever reasons women never like photos of themselves, but I think it sums the 2 of them up. Duane looks devilish and Debbie is getting a belly laugh at his expense.

As it should be.
I look forward to hanging out with these "CrAzY" people again soon, but maybe not on a full moon. It might be a sensory overload for me. How about a rousing weekend of crochet? Jenga? Cribbage? Scrapbooking?
you know. old ppl stuff.

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