Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's gettin' hawt in here....


Yesterday I tried to take a quick dip in the pool. Yep, the pool with the leak. It's a sloooooow leak so it was still 80% full. It was also still 80% cold. After cussing the june bugs and the earthworms (!?!), I decided I should just go ahead and pull the plug.

It took almost as long to drain it, as it did to fill it.

This weekend, we're picking up a new one (thanks D & D!), which is bigger. Oh how the water company will *love us*. So do you think an extra 6,000-7,000 gallons of water this month will get us on the special top customers Christmas card list?

Yeah me neither.

The left over water was about 3" deep in my back yard. Right where the pool sits is a shallow area, also known as a bowl... great for holding liquid. It was quite the source of entertainment for me yesterday afternoon.


{do NOT try this shot without a taut camera strap!}



Not long after I pulled the plug, I looked at the long range forecast.


Aw crap.

Pool pass anyone?

Anyone? *tap tap* this thing on?

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