Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look ma, it's summertime!


The pool took like 12 minutes to warm up. I suppose those three 100 degree days probably didn't hurt much in that department, but on the other hand, my first sunburn wasn't all that bad. The one I got on top of that, now that one hurts.


Tanner is out there every day and has somehow mastered how to put the pool cover on all by himself. I need to watch because that has to be an amazing feat.

Yesterday, the wedding went really well. It was a simple and beautiful wedding. The officiant was the groom's brother, the site at a local park that's really beautiful, more like a reserve than a park (there's no swingset here), everyone wore nice clothes that you could wear again (we love non-bridezillas) and the bride, well, she had one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in my life. It had a lace overlay that was all beaded and very heavy. It was GORGEOUS, but so was she.

Today, a little bit of rest, a little bit of swimming, and a commitment to Gene that we'd start working on counter tops. ERGH.

I have the WHOLE MONTH of July off, so I'm going to get caught up with every single solitary shoot that I have to get edited (and there are several). I have 2 that are almost ready to load, and I'll share those photos with you soon.

In the meantime, my lovely friend Courtney Paris (Courtney Paris Photography) and I have started a little challenge with each other. It's the photographer smackdown. Each day this week, we offer up a phrase for each of us (taking turns) and the next day we'll post on our blogs, the results that each of us come up with! I'm excited for what we each come up with. Courtney is a very talented photographer from Louisville, Kentucky. She specializes in weddings, kids, families and does boudoir, which I have never dipped my toe in that water! She's braver than I. She's also very active in an organization called "Now I lay me down to sleep", which is kind of sad, but a loving gift she gives to new parents that have just lost their new babies.

I got to start the smackdown with the phrase "color my world". I've got in mind what I'm going to do, and I have a big assignment ahead of me today to have for you tomorrow morning!

Game on Courtney!
Game. on.

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Ceece said...

Oh I'm totally ready!!! Let's do this! lol

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