Monday, June 22, 2009

Super mondo update

Welp, we've had a busy few days, so let's just do the big bulleted list-o-grievances so we can move on to more exciting stuff.


  • My email has decided to be an ass. Actually, it's my host, being an ass and my email got tangled up in our big wrestling match. If you have emailed my email since Um... Thursday-ish, I probably didn't get it. Email me at the designerslibrary@.... .com email address only from this point on. If you need to get ahold of me, and don't know either email address, well, what the heck? :p Just comment here and I'll get in contact with you. Thinkhost and I? We're gonna throw down.

    This morning, my other email started to act up on me, then the internet. Bahhh.. it's been a long day.

  • Speaking of long days.. I was so happy this morning that there was sun, breeze and laundry all on the same day. good deal right?


    I went to the clothesline, and it was still wet on the ground but I can deal with that stuff. Looked at my clothes basket and what the heck is in there? *closer inspection* It's *a.flea.* OMG, I hate fleas more than any other living creature. Yes folks, they are that bad. I've been treating the cats, as I've seen a few but to see them jumping around on the ground as you walk, well that's just too over the top for me.

    So Tanner and I got around (we didn't have internet to distract us anyway), and headed out the door for Tall-mart in search of flea yard treatments. Found.. enough to cover 20,000 sq ft. And a spreader. That has to be the worst job EVER. I came in covered in pesticides. Blech. On the upside, it's supposed to kill ants and grub worms too. I have both. I'm a big believer in just letting my "grass" do what it's going to do and cutting it to look acceptable. Dude, I live in the country. But fleas? That crosses the line!

  • My sister-in-law, Laura, graduated from college on Saturday. GO LAURA. She received a BS in something I completely don't understand, and she got a 3.86 GPA so woot. BTW, it took her around 6-7 years, and in that time she worked full time, kept up a house, had 2 babies and school full time. THAT girl is wonder woman.


    This is my very beautiful SIL Laura. What you can't see, is how long her hair is, I think it's longer than mine even. She only produces red-heads btw, I guess that means SHE has the dominant genes. whew. *thank god* ;)


    This is her oldest red-head. Stephanie. She looks hot and sweaty from running and running with her cousins and friends. It was at a really cool park called "Celebration Park" in Gardner. quite possibly the best kids park I've ever been too. Why didn't they have cool stuff like that when I was a kid!?


    And here's Stephanie showing me her very "unique" bright orange fingernails. heh.

    My other in-laws made it back from PA for the festivities, and they brought along their little active elf, Ester. Ester the active elf. It has a certain "ring" to it doesn't it?


    See, she has the cutest little elf face.


    And she goes, goes, goes!

    I'm slowly working on Ester to come move in with me. Give it time. Before you know it she'll be saying to her mom "You suck! I want to go live with Aunt Lana and Uncle Gene!!" and her mom will say, "WONDERFUL, let me get you a bus ticket." and then I'll be stuck with a 14 year-old, hysterical girl.

    I'm gonna rethink my master plan.


    Even my favorite cowboy was there.

  • Sunday was Dad's day, and so we stayed the night in KC. Sunday we went over to Steve and Laura's to share dad's day with all the dads (including Laura's sister and her family).


    Here's a slightly over exposed photo of 4 dads. That really don't want to play along and have their photo taken. But pfft on them anyway. {Not to mention my SIL's elbow in the corner hah. oops }


    And here's three of the {incredibly tolerant} women they got stuck with. Poor fellows. We look entirely too happy.

  • Saturday morning we "stopped by" Debbie and Duane's to pick up the pool. They had one they weren't going to use, and we needed one. The choices seemed obvious. So we went 1.25 hours in the wrong direction to pick it up. heh. It's over twice as big as the last one. This better be worth it!

  • Why do brides all want the same wedding date? In the past month, I've had brides fighting for 2 different dates. Feels good to be fought over, but life might be so much easier if they would call me first and let me pick their date for them. LOL

  • I planted 2 trees on Saturday morning. Those big maples. One looks all wilty, I hope he makes it.

  • Gene unofficially signed up for his class reunion this late summer - fall. It's his *mumble mumble*30*mumble mumble* TH reunion and the ONLY ONE he's ever wanted to go to. I keep begging him to start a blog with some of his old stories. I totally would link to it here. hehe. He's got some awesome stories of mischief from his "childhood". OK, maybe I won't link here.

  • I have some fun stuff coming up. Just watch the next few days. This week I have so much to get done! A bunch of pics to edit, a house to get cleaned up, a pool to set up, a wedding on Saturday (please don't rain), flowers to plant and so much more!

OK, there. I think that should get me caught up for now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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