Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rural Roadside Distractions



These pretty orange flowers have been littering the highway lately and completely distracting me from my impeccable driving. Tanner and I stopped today and it took a little maneuvering, but with my long lens, I finally got "close enough" to get some beautiful shots.

My grandma had a patch of these flowers in the corner of her yard. I have no idea what they are (anyone? anyone? Bueller?) but I liked them as a kid. They are so bright and cheery looking, and they seem to thrived without making it to botanical gardens or manicured lawns.

I like that wildness. Reminds me of me. :)




Farmers commonly refer to these as "weeds". I'm a girl... I think they're purdy.


One year, when I was 10-ish, my grandpa had a field of clover. It was a sea of purple and green, and when you walked by, and the wind was right, you could smell the sweet clover.

That and my cousin and I used to pluck the petals and bite the nectar. LOL


Apparently I'm not the only one that thought it was a good idea.



This is not a flower, but I named her Petal. Does that count?
Someone else very coldly named her "15"

How rude.


Mariah said...

those are called day lily's they are a annual and are relatively easy care!

Jena said...

I want the picture of the barn!!!!!! I am remodeling our basement (in a barn theme), I have pictures that my mom painted that I will be hanging up when we are done and the barn one that you took is just beautiful! I love it!!!!

delightfuldwelling said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the old barn and the flowers. Growing up we had those same flowers and called them tiger lilies, but they are actually called day lilies I think. They are a perinneal, they come back every year. I have some yellow and pink ones in my yard.

I love rural shots, it makes me miss living in the country like I used too.

D. said...

Those "weeds" are also known as Monti's - they come in a variety of colors (purple, pink, etc). I worked at 1800Flowers and had to know all my "filler" flowers ;o)

stonemaven said...

Day Lilies and Slim Asters. I had to do hay and grass judging in High School Ag class.
Did you know day lily buds are edible and sold in oriental food markets as a veg?

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