Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's test your patience

I'm going to test your patience and longevity today. I'm also going to give you an assignment. Now, for the record I'll never know if you complete it, but gosh darn it, I will give you a disappointing stare if I find out you didn't at least try.

Years ago, when I lived on Buchanan street, we had the BEST tree ever in front of our house. Technically it was the neighbors tree, but it was positioned so that we got some of the wonderful benefits. Those included shade in the summer (it was as big as our house - which was pretty good sized), it also included the wonderful bright orange light it would cast on early fall mornings. I would wake up and the entire inside of my home would be bright orange as the sun came up and filtered through my windows.

Sadly, a couple years ago, it became diseased and had to be cut down. Honestly, I was a bit outraged, but since it wasn't my house any more, I had no say.

Anyway, I gave myself a project one year. I was going to document this tree as it changed from summer to bright orange in the fall. Every couple days for about 3 weeks, I went across the street and took a photo from the same spot. It was almost like a time lapse as you could see it turn from green, then the tips of the branches turning, until weeks later, it was nothing but a brilliant orange.

Last fall, I found a photo online of a tree that I was very inspired by, and I set out to recreate it.

It started as one photo, in the fall which quickly became one of my favorite photos of all time. In fact, the fall photo hangs on my wall now. Then I got to thinking, how cool would it be, to take a photo of the same tree, in the same spot, from the same angle, for every single season of the year?

The 4 Seasons

Now, if you live in northwest Missouri like I do, a seasonal photo does not take 12 months. You can pull it off in around 8. The first photo was taken in late October, and the last one (summer) was taken yesterday, so it's not as long of a commitment as you might think. It's not like braces... or marriage.

So your assignment is to pick something, and take a time lapse of it. It could be a a flower as it blossoms over 3 days, a tree as it grows over a summer, or even a child's annual photo each year until they are 30-something.

I once saw a photographer (sorry I can not find the link!) that took an annual photo of each member of his family on the same day every year.... for 30 years! It was cool to see them as the family grew... and aged from infants to full grown adults.

Another great one I heard about, was taking a photo every year of a daughter, as she grew into mom's wedding dress. This would be so fun for a boy, growing into dad's boots too!

It doesn't have to be hard, or fancy... heck you can even use a camera phone (grimace), but giving yourself an assignment is a cool way to remind you to document your life.

Do that.

My 4 photos? I think they'll end up being 4 canvases somewhere in the house (I'm addicted to large art now), and I'm not sure what "assignment" I'll give myself next, I still haven't started that 100 strangers project.

Do I know you?
Can I take your photo then?

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I enjoyed reading your blog.

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