Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips for Momtographers - get down low

My new favorite camera angle is one where I'm not even looking through the eyepiece.

This is a perspective that anyone can shoot, with any camera at all. All you do, is sit it on the floor, and push the button. Now my camera is a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) so my lens is close to the bottom of the camera, so if you have a point and shoot, your perspective might be slightly different but just play until you get something you really like.

You'll need your camera to be on auto focus, unless of course, you'd like to lay on the floor. Also, if you're using an slr, be sure to put your finger over the eyepiece as light can leak into sensor and make your photos very under exposed.

The resulting effect is a distinct depth of field (DOF) that's extreme and helps draw more dramatic attention to your subject.





Amanda + Derek

You don't have to do this angle just on the floor or ground either.



Try sitting it on a table top, dashboard, counter, on a vertical wall or any flat surface. You can have fun and get some really cool "from the hip" perspective photos of your friends while you're out for dinner or the kids at the park while they think the camera is sitting in the grass.

So don't be scared to get your good pants dirty, get down in the grass and look at your world from a different angle


Devon said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures and a reminder to try something new. I'm one of those dorks you see who will actually lay down on the ground to take one of these pictures! HA! I'm sure all of the parents at soccer got a big kick (pun not intended but I think I'll leave it) at my expense last week as I was belly down in the grass. :)

Lana said...

Good for you Devon! I love to hear when ppl stop worrying about what other ppl think, just so they can "get the shot". I decided a long time ago, most of those ppl that's looking at you funny, you'll never ever see again, so who cares! LOL. I stopped wearing cute clothes to shoots, as soon as I lay in the grass (mud, dirt, gravel) everyone understands why I have a Pepsi t-shirt on. lol

Jena said...

Man, I wish I could take photographs like you. They are supurb! I love the one that you have heading your blog! So cool for the summer.

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