Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate + 8 - *sad panda*

I just have to say, I watched Jon and Kate's big announcement and I'm sad. Not because of their actions, or the slow deterioration of a show, but because there's a family that you could see unravel over time. None of it is a big shocker in the end I guess, but it is disheartening to see J+K end it.

Kate has gone from pleasant to maniacal, then you could see a marked difference in her attitude. It was then that I knew something was going to happen. She was trying, but it was too late. I also have noticed that Kate has really been working on her appearance. I noticed this months ago and that raised a question in the back of my head, because someone that's working on their appearance, wants to "advertise".

Don't think Jon's off the hook with me. Jon, I have decided, is a moron. Not because he has a girlfriend, but because when they interview together she'll say something and it goes right over his head. SISTER, I have soooo been there done that.

I'm just hoping that when this all cools off, the result is not that Octomom will be the controversial replacement. Lord help us.

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absofsteel88 said...

I couldn't agree more, Lana. It is sad to see what can happen to a seemingly tight family over a short period of time. It was SO heartbreaking to watch Kate interview last night. I never liked her until last night - it was only then that I realized how immature and selfish Jon really is. In the end, I think that the show, while entertaining for the rest of us, only made the volatile situation 100 times worse. No wonder the divorce rate is so high nowadays - they have become yet another statistic, and for their children's sake, I feel for them.

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