Friday, June 12, 2009

hot cowboy alert. you were warned.

This morning I was trolling my normal every day blogs. (see the list on the right). I don't feel like my day is complete if I don't see what all my imaginary friends are doing.

Cathy Z is usually #4 on the list. Yes, I go in order.

Today, Cathy posted about going back in time, on this date, and see what photos you took on this day in the past. I thought that was a pretty interesting concept, and since all my photos are sorted by date (most of them), it would be easy for me to crawl into my external hard drive and see what I find.

Nothing for June 12 last year. DARN. I really didn't get into daily pictures until this past fall. BUT, I did find something interesting.


Titled "Daaaaaaamn".

My apologies to all children, friends, mothers, sisters, ex's (ok not really) in-laws and out laws, but since it's my darn blog, and my hot husband, by golly I'll make it the background paper if I want. {I'm now taking donations to keep it from becoming the background paper.}

This was June 8 last year, and what you haven't noticed in this photo yet, is photos of the CORN in the background. Yes. Corn, that's already 6" tall. This year, there's nothing but corn stubble and mud. Nothing has been planted yet, and I'm sure there's plans for it because a.) they sprayed and b.) the old guy that drives the maroon ford drives through here REAAAALLLLLLY slow every day checking fields, and really creeping me out.

Cross your fingers for corn. You can still plant that in June right? How about July? August? From a boat?

In other news, I'm about to throw this computer out the window. GRRROWL. It keeps disconnecting from the internet every 5 min. NO idea why, because all the other computers don't do that. Maybe it's the computer's way of saying "back up your photoooossss".

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