Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I can see into the future....

Have you ever been flipping through your photos of your kids or grandkids or neighbors kids, and one image jumps off the print at you? It's special, this child looks just a little different and you see them at an angle you have never seen them before?

Maddie @ the park

This is Madison, or Maddie as we call her. She also accepts Madi or Mattie (that's what she told me anyway). She is Gene's middle granddaughter and sometimes we call her the Princess... because well, she's the princess. Cheyenne is the scrapper (and I don't mean scrapbooker) and Cadience is the one that wraps everyone around her little finger. Not sure if there's a better word than manipulator... in a good way.

While looking for a different photo, I came upon this one again, and originally, it was of Chey and Maddie both. Something caught my eye and I studied Maddie closer. It was then that I realized that this is one of "those photos".

Have you ever found one? It's a little glimpse into he future, where you can see what this tiny person is going to look like when they are all grown up. Maybe it's the tilt of the head, the thinning of the face losing the baby fat, or maybe it's just a glint in the eye (or with Maddie - all three).

You can see just for a tiny moment that she's going to be a tall, thin, beautiful redhead and frankly, that scares the bejesus out of me because frankly, toss that in with the Princess thing, and I think we might have created a monster lethal combination.

I've seen "this picture" a few times. Once with Seth, once with Stacy's son Sage, never yet with Tanner tho. It gives me an idea for a new scrapbook "Time Machine". It might take me 20 years to complete at this rate.

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