Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Modern day Love letters


I wish I could say that I have every little love letter than he has sent me, but I don't. Probably because some of them come via email or txt. Oh sure, he's romantic and will leave me a random note waiting to see how long it is until I find it. And once in a while Hallmark will say all the right words, and he'll scrawl "all my love" at the bottom with his name, but it's not the same as the random love notes that come via text message. Often when I'm just sitting there thinking about him.

That makes them hard to save. Hmmm.. but I have this fancy new fangled contraption sometimes referred to as a c.a.m.e.r.a. I should try to save more that way, for proof that he loved me one day, when we're old and gray(er) and threatening to kill each other in our respective sleep (I'm having a hard time visualizing that at the moment tho).

Now don't fret. He gets love notes back. Like a handmade card that he carries in his man purse lunch box every day since last November, or the little scrap paper left over from a scrapbook project, that I cut into a heart with a love note. I hid it in his wallet to see how long it would take him to find it. (one day). He saved that too.

I would chalk it up to newlywed bliss, but since we've been living together since 2006, our "newlywed" state is passed unofficially.

I think I bagged a keeper!

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