Monday, October 27, 2008

Hate to be the bearer of bad news - but damn it's cold!

I got out this morning and decided I wanted to capture some fall leaves. I don't HAVE a lot of fall leaves in my yard, but that did not deter me! For the record, the 2 photos above, I did have to lay on the ground, with my head/camera right next to the tree. Shallow depth of field rocks.
Blurry bits make me happy.

The corn out here is past ready to go. I noticed yesterday that the corn looked shorter. On closer inspection, the wind really did a number on it, and lots of the tops are broken off. In other news, I saw a big combine go by this morning. If you stick your head out of the door, you can hear them harvesting. I'm really hoping I catch them here so I can get some good pics. I've even contemplated climbing up on the roof for a good angle. LOL. *I am scared of heights and ladders - but still considering it*

More corn, but much like the trees, I was laying on the ground. YES.. my head was in a cornfield. *just a little bit*

Obligitory annual single fall leaf photo. What is it about single fall leaves that people "get" that they are artistic? This one was buried under some ICE. No wonder my windbreaker jacket wasn't breaking much wind.
Said above pic I really pushed the saturation and hue. It pops now.

This one, unedited other than just a crop. At this point, I was getting too cold and so it was time to go back inside.

A couple days ago, it was late and I went to the sink to get a drink. I looked up an saw this:

Isn't he sweet? heh. He admitted that it had been there a couple days.

Now the quandry. Do I leave it because it's sweet? Or do I clean it because it's obvious the window is dirty?? ARRGH

Ohh... and wanna hear the really stupid thing I did?
Saturday, When I was getting ready for the bridal fair, I was using the miter saw outside cutting trim (yes, I own my own compound miter saw that gene got me for xmas last year. AWESOME. This year I asked for an electric finish nailer. heh). Anyway, I needed electricity, so I unplugged the washer, plugged in the extension cord and went on my way.

I didn't sweat plugging it back in because I was busy and it's hard to reach behind the washer to plug in, and well, wash day wasn't until monday.

So this morning, I go to plug in the washer because it's now wash day. I look at the plug and say to myself "this is not the washer plug". I plug it in and Ughhhhh.... hear the freezer kick on.

*insert sick feeling here*.

The freezer was off for TWO DAYS.

so I basically pushed everything off the freezer, and opened it. Water ran off the lid behind it. Look in to survey the carnage.....


Everything was still frozen!

It had defrosted on the sides (thus the water), but everything was still frozen solid.. except for... all those STUPID PEACHES I spent hours working on. *slaps forhead*. I'm really irritated about that, but happy that all the meat was fine, cuz trust me I would heard about it. LOL.

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beautiful photography.

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