Thursday, October 9, 2008

200. I rock.

It's a 1 pound, 4 ounce bouncing baby......


My newborn was a no-show. I guess it just didn't work out.

I was sad I had the "studio" all set up and I so badly wanted to take pics of my NEW fur rug that I bought just for this. So I pulled out miss bear. One of my collection. Now imagine a baby there. Cute stuff huh?

Anyway, having kind of a craphole day otherwise. School is irritating me *as usual*, I have a headache that I can't decide if it's from my neck being out, or me gritting my teeth from stress (both are possiblities). Looking forward to gene getting home so he can pop my neck.

yes, I let my husband adjust my neck. It's saved me a fortune over the past few years. He's gotten it in place, when the chiro couldn't.

My house is clean. Like nice and fresh and clean for company, but I've got a mysterious oder - it might be the trash can.. that's driving me nuts!

Oh well, My day is open now to work on a bunch of other stuff that needs doing too. I HAVE to get these prints done for albums for the show. There are a LOT of prints! AND, I have two deliveries today (hope). My albums and a big gallery canvas wrap for display. Score.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. This is my 200th post. Betcha thought you'd be rid of me 193 posts ago. HAR!

OK, stuff to do, MORE ppl to piss off.

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