Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday. Bleh.

I woke up to this

How much does that suck.

It's super windy out, and raining off and on. Getting cold today, and yesterday the AC kicked on. *sigh*. This is turning out to be a not fun fall.

Nothing special about this other than it's the cutest cat in the WORLD. This is how he looked when I was going to bed. "dude, it's bedtime, turn off the freaking lights already."

I'm getting kinda pissed about the new lense. I'm having a hard time with it. The pics are not turning out as great as I'd like them to be, it might just be my camera - something i'll have to accept until I upgrade. I want super tack sharp where i focus. I'm getting "pretty darn ok" sharp. Grr. I practiced today a lot on stuff around the house.


Time for some halloween stuff to go out. I love halloween. I might even venture into storage and get some more decorations out. More than likely, this will be about it for the season. I'm kinda thinking a lot of my halloween/christmas stuff will need to find some new homes. When it becomes a burden to put the stuff out, then it's no longer fun.

My "real" punkin.

I paid too much money for that pumpkin on the left. I thought it was a lot larger than it was so I was willing to fork over some bucks, because I really like creepy pumkin faces. got it - it's like 2" tall. Ooops. So yes, I'm keeping it. It's still cute, but not super expensive cute.

I bought this guy last fall. I think it was about the only fall decoration I had out. Now he was much more reasonable priced. Something like $10 - 75% off. Told ya I like creepy faces.

Still stuff to get done today, like paying bills. T-mobile likes to get paid. Did you know they don't let you keep talking on the phone if you don't pay the bill? Pfft. Jerks.

Supper too.. chili tonight. Was gonna be cheez-it chicken, but found out, we don't have the right kind of chicken. (gene will be happy, I force feed him chicken most of the time.)

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muirwoodsue said...

Oh I love cold windy rainy days!
I liked your photos - especially the ones with the 2 creepy pumpkins, a very nice depth of field!

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