Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day...


Clothesline Day

I'm so glad it's Monday.

No. Really.

Everyone was about to drive me nuts all weekend, and when I say everyone, I mostly mean Gene. LOL. We were both growly all weekend. Probably because of stuff like this:

Having a flood in your home forces you to do a whole chain of events that you never exactly planned - in that order. But in the end, it's all ended up being good things.

The flood caused the underlayment of the house to need to be replaced. The repairman said that for some more $$, he'd instead, build us a foundation (which will add a great deal of value to this house for very little investment). We cheered and said YES. IN return, the plumbing was now exposed and "easily" (snort don't tell gene I said that), replaced. Done.

Then, the deck will have to be removed from the front of the house (I told him the back HAD TO STAY). Well, if you remove the front deck, then the back deck becomes your new "front" door. The old back door was super crap so we had to replace it since we were going to be using it so much. The pic above is the old door - I forgot to take a pic before we ripped it out. It was super duper ugly.

Here's Gene and Tanner working on a massive hole in my house.

Here's a massive hole in my house :p

And my pretty, new back door.

*so much nicer*

It's been hard for me to get used to all the light coming in the back door now. I keep turning to turn the light off. I think it'll be a good spot to take pics too. Ironically, a mini studio.

So then Sunday, we had to do this:

Gene cutting the legs off the front deck.

Skids and the neighbor's bobcat

About 10 feet from the house.

Funny, we found a set of keys under the deck. I said "Hey John, you didn't lose a set of keys did you?" They were his! John (neighbor) and his wife put this house here about 13 years ago - it was his set of keys from an old car. He said they never intended to keep this house here. SIGH. You can kinda tell, we're now having to make this house more permanent feeling and redoing stuff that should have had more done to it to start with. BUT IT'S OK - because we got a good deal.

We're kinda looking forward to a weekend we don't have to do anything. But we HAVE made good headway even tho we lost 1/2 the summer getting ready for the wedding.

After about a year of working and saving, Tanner bought his laptop on Saturday night. He's SO HAPPY. It's a pretty decent laptop too.

"Well, are you just gonna stand there and laugh or you gonna get me out of this thing?"

this photo makes me LOL. I set out a pumpkin display and Jingles just HAD to partake. Stupid cat.

OK - Laundry is calling me!

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