Friday, October 17, 2008

Yeah my kid is good looking - what of it?

I am working on another sample album, this time I want it all to be Seth's senior pics (that way I can keep it for myself too). I needed 20 pics for it, and only had 3-4 in it already. So I spent a good chunk of this morning working on editing photos from his shoot.

I'm super happy with them now.

Sometimes I look at these pics and am amazed how handsome I think this kid is. Of course, I'm biased being his mom!

I really looked forward to taking his Senior photos - I waited 18 years to take them!

A little artsy.

This one, you can really see how he has his dad's lips. He also has the most beautiful eyes (and would be irritated I said that publically) - but he's always had amazing eyes and eyelashes. Why is it that boys get long eyelashes and curly hair and girls DON'T. LOL

This pic I edited to make the street # 2009. It was 829 before, and I didn't like it. About 10 min later - I had it changed!

I can't decide which of these I like best.

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