Thursday, October 30, 2008

ok, I'm up. sheesh

I think I'm up to one day a week I sleep past 7:15.


8:30... is that a lot to ask? Seriously.

This morning was another "too much stimulation at one time" morning... that included Tanner not setting his alarm clock and me noticing that I heard no movement.. then Gene letting his van idol for 14 freaking HOURS (felt like anyway).


A couple cool self portraits I took on frosty pic morning a few days ago.

Some of my fav things:
-My clothesline
-Awesome DOF (depth of field)

Reflection in the back door... so you can see how crazy I look in the mornings.

Today, tons to do. We have the garage sale this weekend so I have to work on that. I think a lot of things are already done, they just need to be toted down there. Anything unmarked will be marked tomorrow afternoon. The big thing is scrounching around the house and finding all those things I swore I was going to sell whenever a garage sale came around. Like... all my wedding stuff that's piled in a corner, that ginormous suitcase that takes up 1/2 the weight limit on *it's own* ... and I haven't flown anywhere for 2.5 years anyway. etc etc.


YAY for going away!

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