Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh winter... Your undies are showing.

Quickie post before bed as I'm tired, and been putting off posting all day.

Saturday, we went to town, and had our breakfast that we planned. It tasted great, but took forever, so we probably won't go back there *either* ARGH.

Afterwards, Gene wanted to know if there was anything else we needed, and I said not really. We decided to swing by hy-vee to look at meat. Of course, he got some because meat completes him. Now, on Saturday it was windy and kinda chilly, and I was wearing flip flops because they went with the cute top I had on. My good shoes that I'd wear in the winter with "cute shirts' I wore the other day and got big old rub marks on my heels. Time for the trash I guess! (I'm going to find another pair tho someday).

Anyway, I mentioned how my feet were cold and I needed cute winter shoes... so we ended up in Payless. BOGO.... so I ended up with 2 pair, and then we found some other cute shoes we bought for xmas and bought 2 more pair. As we left, he said again "anything else we need"... me... "No, well, we could swing by JCPenney".

JCPenney here sales pretty much nothing but clothes, shoes and some bedding. That's it. I think they must be a tax write off for Penneys because they have super sales there. I've told you before about the contest me and mom have for who can "save" more....

Well... we won.

We spent $45 and SAVED $740.60!!!

We bought stuff for christmas that we really did not need! LOL. We got jeans, shirts out the wazoo for .97 each... regular $20-$40. We also bought dresses for the girls. The cutesy ones that cost way too much money .. $45-$50 for $2.97 each! We basically bought the whole rack. I left one and now regret it.

We have christmas, birthday and easter for a year for some ppl bought! whooop!

LOL. I told Gene we should go back and save that again so we could buy a big screen tv with our "savings".

This morning, I got up early again. This early stuff sucks.
But, I did look out the window to see all this pretty frost.

I'll post more pics tomorrow. I did some more pics of Seth, which were pretty decent, and I have a couple other things, but at the moment. The bed calls my name.

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