Saturday, October 11, 2008

before and after

Today is dedicated to finishing the site. Basically it's been done for a week, sitting there - all my friends that have seen it really like it so far. I just needed to update the portfolio, which involves re-editing photos that have already been edited once, but I have so many more tools now, I can do a better job - plus I have a year on me that I didn't have before.

This is a wedding I did a year ago. The lighting everywhere was so bad. The "before" shot was actually edited once before, so you can imagine how poor it the lighting was!

Sorting through the photos, I saw this wonderful expression on his face and it kind of gets lost in the before.


Ran it through a couple programs, tweaked the color and now you can see his happiness!

After I get this stuff out of the way, I'm going to sit down and re-edit these photos for the bride as I'm just not happy with the originals!

Now...A warning.

When I put the new site out there, I will be adding a new blog. This blog will become my personal blog, and the other will be photo shoots only. Of course, I'll probably put photo shoots on here too, at least a couple shots, but the majority will be there.

Yes, for you stalkers, this blog will remain in this spot. And the other one will be kinda boring as you won't learn anything deep and personal about me there, other than f-stops maybe.


Announce by the end of the day.

Gene is outside in the shed sorting door pieces. It's nice out... I really wanna be outside.

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