Wednesday, October 29, 2008

System of a Down - Eric's Seniors

Remember Eric?

I did a few of his senior portraits about 10 days ago. Tonight I sat down to edit the rest of his pics. Many of them don't need touched, several need some light editing.

Of course, I got side tracked.

Eric's favorite band is System of a Down. Now to be fair, I'd never heard of them before, not my normal genre, that is, if I have any sort of genre to start with. Can I be honest? I kinda like them. LOL.

{Teenagers everywhere officially declare SOAD *not cool*}

Anyway, I have worked to incorporate Eric's band in some of his photos. I realized that one pose I had him do, was very much like a poster that he brought for me to work from.

Here's what I created for him:

I hope he likes it because it's one of my favorite senior pics EVER!

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