Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday hump catchup day.

Whelp.... Just working here, and realized, I had not posted an update today!!

I've been really busy today. I have a shoot tomorrow for a newborn so I've been trying to get ready for that. I'm excited - my first official newborn. They'll be coming here to the house, so I've been straightening up the place, and working on props and such. I think it'll mainly be pretty straight forward stuff. Don't wanna get too crazy off the bat.

Worked on photography stuff most of the day. I have my print pricing set finally. Pricing has been really difficult for me. I'm excited tho because I'll be offering canvas gallery wraps up to 16x24. Which is BIG! (canvas like a painting). I also have paper in two finishes. 1 - really nice matte lustre and 2 - metallic - which is awesome on the right photos.

I also got my model release done. Thank god. I need that asap. After that, I have to get the full senior/wedding contracts done. bleh. Boring crap.

I have to tweak my portfolio a bit tomorrow afternoon, (or tonight) then I'm going to officially announce the website.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have to get back on track on prints. I have a LOT of prints and albums that have to be put together for the bridal fair at the end of the month. I need albums, prints to display - we're planning a DVD slide show, a give away.... good stuff!

Next I'm working on marketing and need to do some cross marketing with some retailers in the area. I work on this stuff at least 10 hours a day. Gene had to tell me yesterday to get off the computer and go scrapbook or something. LOL. I waited til he went to bed then got back on the computer. I'm sad.

Did not take one single photo today, although I did take my camera to town. I'm just waiting until 2 fields in particular get harvested. I hope I catch them. It'll be a cool shot. I'm sure they'll think I'm stalking them. (I am).

I have to get up early tomorrow because my desk needs cleaned off *BADLY* It's the first thing you see when you come in the back door so I really don't need to make a bad first impression with ppl coming in the house. LOL. I also need to run to town and pick up *I think* one more prop. I'm not finding what I'm needing here in the house.

Nothing else exciting! That's about it.

Oh.. I haven't forgotten about the 31 days of spook. I will catch up. I've just been so busy with this other stuff I've not had a chance.

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.

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