Friday, October 10, 2008

omg inbd

Just have to share a new favorite website. If you want to lose about 7 hours of your life go here: It's LOLcats for really pissed off people. I made it backwards a YEAR. (still not done but I don't think I'm gonna try to "finish" that. lol).
Lots to get done today.
  • Dishes - as always of course.
  • Going to make stew for Gene for supper for a surprise.
  • Edit prints for a wedding album. (I got my albums yesterday)
  • Watch for the really stupid fedex man. Yesterday they determined that 64468 was not Maryville's zip code. Something tells me otherwise - oh yeah, the post office.
  • Start work on the senior album
  • Pull prints for other albums (maternity, engagements, etc etc)
  • Finish the last bits and bats on the site
  • Announce it officially

That probably will keep me busy for the day.

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