Monday, October 20, 2008

You can't stop progress

A view of the house today....

This is how it's going to look for around a week. With 4 days of rain coming, he couldn't put the concrete epoxy coating on as it needs 12 hours to dry. Plus things never go as fast as contractors promise :) But I'm happy he actually shows up. He's also a very nice guy and does good work (from what I can tell so far). I'm happy with it as we can tell the house is warmer already (gene's very happy the bathroom floor isn't cold in the morning). I'm happy because I have to look out the window to see if the wind is blowing or not.

A sad, sad sight.

The corn just up the road has been harvested and around the corner the other direction was being harvested this afternoon. You can stand outside and hear the combines. With the rain coming, I'm figuring that they'll probably run all night. I really want to get good pics as they harvest here next to the house. I don't know why - I just love the corn. It's going to be so sad when it's gone, and feel so different here.

Here's my creepy pumpkin man and my halloween tree I bought at the craft show. *cheap* Love them both

King of the beasts loves the new window in the back door. He also likes to sleep on the dryer now. Just because it's cute and what's a week without a jingles picture?

In other news, last week at weight watchers the leader was talking about this week, just doing something different. Sooooo... because I actually listen, and because I agree, I decided that I would do something different.


I used to be a gym rat. At my peak I was going twice a day averaging around 2-3 hours *per day* in the gym trying to work off the weight. That's kinda what burnt me out. *big time*.

So it's been probably a couple years before I really put much effort into exercise (and I can really tell). So today, after I washed dishes, vacuumed (about gave mack a coronary btw), did all the laundry, went to town and ran my errands.... I decided to just buck up and put on the workout pants I bought 2 weeks ago and walk. Only commited to 20 min, but I made it.

But... I dragged this home with me...

He's cute.

I love him.

I want to keep him.


I named him Charlie Spats. cuz his feet look like he's wearing spats, and well, he looks like a Charlie. Now that I look at his picture, he does remind me of Charlie Chaplin. heh. So don't tell Gene, but i gave him gene's leftover breakfast milk. Because *ew* he saved it for me to use on my cereal and I got icked out.

The I think he decided that I rocked, because he took up residence on the back deck, and I figured that wouldn't fly with Gene, so we got in the car and I took him back to his house. LOL.

Something tells me I'll see him again.

Went to the chiro again today. My back has been hurting because of the last adjustment he did on me. I was waking up at night after he adjusted my lower back *which did not hurt before that*.

I had already decided that if he charged me, I'd pay it, but I wasn't coming back. He did not charge me. YAY for customer service! He did however, want me to come in several times to get my neck adjusted and to see if we can keep it in place for good (because I'm having a lot of headaches).

I also spent this eve working on assembling an album for the show/Seth's senior pics. I'm really annoyed because I get about 2/3 done, and realize that 5 pages had no adhesive! GRR. So now I need to write them to let them know Maybe I'll get a free album out of it. Or at least a discount on the next one. Let's text that customer service thing again.

I also finally decided on which prints would be my display prints at the show. Those are on order. Now I only have some albums to assemble for random baby/maternity/wedding/engagement/kid pics - which means a boatload of printing the next few days (but all at home I think).

11:15 p.m.
I'm thinking of trying out this "sleep" thing that everyone keeps talking about and see how it works for me.

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