Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm sure you missed me...

I know. No posts yesterday. I'm sure you all survived.

I was busy, tired and basically, there really wasn't anything to report anyway. All I did was work on albums all day, go to the chiro, go to WW, etc. Got my 16 x 20 print for the show. It rocks. I think I did a good job of picking the right photo. I now wish I had 12 for a kick ass display, but the fair is 2 hours, I'm not going to kill myself over 2 hours.

Printing contracts at the moment to take with me. Going to work on finishing up brochures. I go the inside done last night and finally hammered out pricing as I wasn't happy with what I had already. It needed tweaked.

I'm seriously so sick of rain. Supposed to be better tomorrow - but it was supposed to be better today so we'll see.

Speaking of saturday, found a breakfast place so I think we'll try that out in the morning. It's like our little "thing" we do on the weekends. We've not been very happy with Hy-Vee lately as their kitchen staff is *very slow*. I think we'll give them some time to regroup. We gave up on breakfast at the truck stop over a year ago as they were worse.

Another headache this morning sent me on an online pillow search. I'm so picky about pillows. I want a *feather* pillow but the one I found that looks awesome is $85! Um. ow. course that's less than 3 trips to the chiro so we need to weigh that out. My problem is, what if I hate it?

Speaking of pillows, I wanted to put one over gene's face last night. He was snoring so loud it took me 45 min to get to sleep. I poked him a couple times and he rolled over - to snore in my face! GRR. Finally he must have fell into a deep sleep because he went to super quiet sleeping and 3 min later I was dead to the world. And he has the nerve to complain that I snore!

OK, must work. Probably won't post again today unless something fantasitical happens, and I'm in my jammies at 10:30 - so I don't forsee that in my near future.

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