Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bridal Fair... CHECK.

Well the bridal fair is finally offically over! It was a lot of work for just a couple hours but we had a lot of fun!

I wanted to do something "different" so I displayed my photos on a pair of cruddy antique doors hinged in the middle. I think it turned out *really good* myself. I've got that vintage shabby chic thing happening, which I think really caters to the customers I'll be servicing.

Amber and I. Amber asked me a week ago if she could come down too because she's offering makeup artistry and wedding hair. Make up artists especially are rare around here!

Here's one end of the table. I don't know why I didn't get the other side, but it basically had our entry forms and a basket of brochures

Tanner took my camera and went upstairs, here's our booth from above. It looks really messy from this angle LOL. and wow do I need to get up to Amber's to get my hair colored!

Gene got this shot, it's right before the show started and the booth was PACKED with all the models for the fashion show. These girls were awesome and so sweet. I made sure that even tho none of them were getting married at the moment, that they all had a coupon and a card. They were very interested in all my photos.

I'm very optimistic how it all turned out. Personally I think that we'll probably end up with at least 2 bookings from it (I'm confident of one for sure) and maybe up to 3-4. Pretty good considering that there were around 25 brides!

There were two other photographers. One that I had not see her work before, and both did really nice photos. Both also brought a large slide show, I had tanner bring his laptop with him and we showed my slide show also. Many people stopped to watch, but I also made sure they had a copy to take home with them. I gave out around 10-12 of those I think.

Funny - the first bride I talked to is getting married on the fourth of july!! heh. I told her we had a garage sale coming up and I was getting rid of most of my wedding stuff and told her when it was. That will be awesome to a.) get it out of my dining room and b.) help out another bride save some $$!! She was really sweet... only engaged a week. I think she was overwhelmed!

Amber did well also, and she thinks she'll probably get 2-3 bookings from it. Over all, it was a good investment. Now, when I want to do another one, most of the work is already done, so I can just pick up and go!

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