Friday, October 10, 2008

Enjoy the show

10 points for anyone that can tell me who this is:

Yes fans, you're right. This is Mr. Gary Sinese.

Who the heck is Gary Sinese? Uh.. *hello*. Lt. Dan sound familiar?

Let me give you a little back story. Ever since I saw Gary in Catcher in the Rye - or maybe it was The Stand, I've had a ginormous crush on him. Like 12 years now. I don't know why.. he's just freaking awesomely cute. So cute, he made "the list". If you don't know what "the list" means, google Friends, Ross, and "the list". Funny stuff.

Anyway, Gene knows of my love for this guy so one day he comes home from work and says "Well, I was going to get tickets to a concert today, but I don't know how to go about it."

I ask who, and he said he wanted it to be a surprise, and I'm like, "well if I have to buy tickets myself, it's not much of a surprise".

He says "Lt. Dan Band". Erm... ok.

Then he says, "lead guitar.. is *Lt. Dan*."


I bought tickets like 4 min later.

Seems Gary Sinese has a band that he's put together, they do charity work and tour USO. And he's a republican. *swoon*. So we go to the concert and we're way in the back, but I'm cool. Then the concert starts and everyone rushes up to the stage. Gene asks if I want to go up, and I say no cuz I don't wanna be embarassed by rooting my way to the front like a groupie.

20 min later, I'm in the front like a groupie.

Now, when I say I was in the front, I was in THE FRONT. Like, in front of a speaker. Like, I could read the time on Gary Sinese's watch close. *close*. In fact, in this picture, I would be standing directly in front of Gary. Gary plays bass and does not sing, he has 4 vocalists that sing and some awesome musicians. They rock out. It was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to.. which is a sum total of around 6. But the best of six is still good :p

So Gene gets tired of being up front so he goes to the back of the crowd. I on the other hand AM NOT LEAVING PRIME REAL ESTATE. One of the vocalists is this super hot long haired blonde guy. (second pic, far left, not my usual type) I'm up front remember? Well, me and him have a little *zzzzt*zzzzzzt* chemistry going on. hehe. Gary is out in the crowd playing bass to the girls, and me and Mr Jeff Vezain are having our own little concert. LOL. Did I mention he's freaking hot???

It was about 30 seconds later, Gene was back. I was busted. LOL.

Gene said "I saw him singing to some long haired blonde and then realized, HEY... that's MY long haired blonde!!" hehe. Cute.

So anyway, I apparently get a bit melocholy in the eve when I'm tired. I was looking at some pics on a disk I pulled out and found those pics and just wanted to share. Yes, they are 2 years old! Pretty good shots and video for a little point and shoot!

And for the record, Gary Sinese can not dance. lol.

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