Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet Amy and Zac - Engagement session

This morning, up early to do a sunrise engagement session for Amy and Zac. Such a sweet couple - the smile all the time, game for any sort of picture, even some of their own. Very relaxed and too easy to take photos of!!

This flat out, is my favorite picture of the bunch. (so far). She likes the quirky/out there/ different stuff and had on the cutest pair of green runners. Yeah like I'm gonna miss that!

Funny thing happened. I was taking a pic and she said "oh this is an Elsie shot". I said "Elsie?" She said yeah, my maid of honor's friend Elsie from Springfield.

Me: What is Elsie's last name?

Her: Flannigan.


Small world, because I LOVE Elsie Flannigan. She's so sweet and quirky and I read her blog like EVERY DAY. Such a weird small world. I feel flattered and honored that she compared something I did to Elsie.

I'm hoping I get to do Zac and Amy's wedding also, they seem like a fun couple that would an awesome quirky wedding (and photos) :)

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