Friday, October 3, 2008

FYI: Button mushrooms are not a binding agent.

Sharing a few more pics I took yesterday.

That teeny tiny steeple off in the distance is the prison, which used to be a convent long before I moved to maryville. Somewhere I have some pics that I took of the convent (empty) before it became a prison - anyone at the time could drive up there.

Gene is annoyed I didn't make it into town to get the shot of the prison from another angle as he says it's really cool and looks like mountains with the fog. I, as usual, forgot my cell phone at home, and didn't get the msg until after I got back and the fog was pretty much gone.

Here's a steaming hay bale. I'd heard they do this, but had never seen it before. I thought it was cool. Gene, not as impressed as me. FYI, it's hard to photograph steam.

I imagine his first words were "what the hell?" I'd been wanting to take pics of the cows. I have this awesome nighttime picture in mind some day Maybe I'll try it on a full moon night.

Anyway, these are the cows up the road. They are on the north. All black. The cows on the south, they are all red. We've caught the red bulls, admiring the black cows.

Now, all the cows across the highway to the west - they are all white. There's even separatists in the cattle world. tsk tsk.

Last night, made steaks for supper, which were ok. The big problem came when they were cooking and all the sudden I smelled this weird smell, got up to investigate and I melted a box of mushrooms and a measuring cup on my stove top. SIGH. The air moved just right so you really didn't see it as much in the kitchen, but wow in the living room it was bad. Smoke detector never went off! Fans in the windows for an hour and then it was tolerable. LOL. Oops. And just 2 days before, Gene insisted we get a fire extinguisher - which I agreed cuz I admitted to having set fire to at least 3 pans in the past. Oh, and some candles. but that was a LONG TIME AGO. For real, I even had special pin that says "3 years without a fire". (no really :p)

Anyway, quite a mess on my stove top. I got up all the red melted plastic and then decided to let the other set, because you can't wipe up a blistering red stove top.

Today, i didn't think it was going to come off, it was a mixture of mushroom juice, Styrofoam and red plastic. then SNAP it came off in 4-5 bits. Thank god. So my friends, we know for sure that mushrooms will not be used in the plastics industry.

I'm just about ready to go live with the website. I'm working on the last part that I've been putting off forever - pricing. Which I have partially done. I have to check my links before I announce it. *it's cute*. Nuff said.

Had something else to report, but now I can't remember. Oh well, I suppose it'll give me something to talk about later!

Crap to do - ppl to piss off. bebacklater

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Helena said...

Hey, I'm impressed by the steam photo!

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