Monday, October 27, 2008

Commercials that must die!

My list of products I think I'm never going to buy until they stop these commercials:

1. - the first few commercials were tolerable. The last couple must die.

2. Saved by zero - must die

3. Five dollar foot longs - must die

4. Bowflex - giving his fat clothes to his fat friends (douchebag) - must die

5. Ground control to major Tom. Must die. (don't even know what they are advertising, the song is just SO STUPID)

There are more - I know. I just can't think of them all or I'll start singing their irritating jingles.

1 comment:

KRISTIE said...

i hate the freecredit report one with the pirate guy. why does a bad credit report mean you have to work in a resturant dressed as a pirate serving people in tee-shirts? I can't take it, I change the channel!

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