Sunday, October 19, 2008


The most exciting thing going on this weekend is this:

The start of the new foundation. It's a false foundation, but it's better than zero, which is what we had, and it also will add substantial value onto the house. Basically, it's like someone handing us a check for $5,000

One thing I've hated about this house, is the old worn out skirting, and then last winter, we just "got by" by putting plastic over that. But that didn't keep out Ms Racoon, and I wasn't going "there" another winter. This is supposed to cut down on our heating bills by around 25-30% and I suppose our A/C bills will be a lot better also. I'm happy that also our house will not feel like it's in the Wizard of Oz when the wind picks up.

He's supposed to be done in the next couple days. *looking forward to that!*

So why are you looking at a lump in my bed? Well, this is Jingles. It's how he looks when he gets cold and tired. Oh and I find this amusing.

Just sayin'.

Other happenings:

  • Had chicken and noodles yesterday
  • Had Beef and noodles today *sigh* don't ask.
  • Went to the Craft show with mom and Amber on Saturday. Mom cut out early to go see her *real friends*. Amber and I had fun, both were fairly reserved - both got christmas shopping done. Then we had lunch and talked for a while. We both need to do that more!
  • Speaking of Amber. She is going to start, along with her hair styling, a make-up business doing wedding makeup. *very good idea* So if you live in Maryville, Lenox, Bedford, Creston, Corning, Clarinda, NW Missouri, Southwest Iowa - email me, and I'll get you in contact with my make-up artist sister. (put all those towns for google keyword searches :)
  • Put out a few more Halloween decorations.
  • Went to Hodge Podge in Maryville (cute bi-annual temporary boutique), got there late and spent more this time than I did last time when I was there when the doors opened.
  • Got a second antique door at said "hodge podge" to make a display out of for the Bridal show.
  • Burning DVD slide shows of my work to give to brides. (it was only a defcon4 argument between the 3 of us at different points - we're all over it now).
  • Getting closer to getting prints ready - *so many pictures* Can not WAIT to show you all the pics from the show.
  • Noted that gas in Burlington Junction, MO was $2.37/gallon. ACK. (full of awesome sauce) but I was kidding about that enonomy thing. Hope I didn't jinx the universe and you should expect an implosion in 3.... 2.... 1.......

I think that's it for now! Probably more tomorrow. I know I've been posting later, but I've been getting up first thing and doing work/errands and put off posting til afternoon.

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